If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.


Кампус Сокольники
Кампус Сокольники
Кампус Ленинский
Кампус Ленинский
Кампус Тюмень
Кампус Тюмень
One school — Two diplomas

Как поступить в школу

Открыт набор в классы Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 — Year 9 для детей от 2 лет.

  1. Свяжитесь с нашим специалистом по приему учащихся, чтобы задать все интересующие вопросы и получить анкету на поступление.
  2. Заполните анкету Application Form.
  3. Приезжайте на индивидуальный тур по школе.
  4. Запишите ребенка на психологическое и академическое тестирование.
  5. Предоставьте документы, необходимые для зачисления.
  6. Заключите договор на образовательные услуги и произведите оплату обучения.
До встречи 1 сентября 2021 года!
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Что такое билингвальный детский сад
Знакомство с понятием "Билингвальный детский сад". Вы узнаете о том, кто такие билингвы, какие методики используются для обучения двуязычных детей, разберетесь в плюсах и минусах билингвального обучения и получите чек-лист по выбору садика!
Что такое билингвизм
Разбираемся с понятием “билингвизм” и разновидностями билингвов. Выясняем, как стать билингвом, и всегда ли это возможно. Узнаем, каков идеальный возраст для погружения ребенка в двуязычную среду и что делать, если уже поздно. Рекомендации Mr. Great в изучении иностранного языка.
Как поступить в Кембридж
Если попросить среднестатистического человека в любой точке мира назвать 5 топовых университетов, вы гарантированно услышите название Cambridge University в числе первых. На протяжении многих десятилетий Кембриджский университет возглавляет мировые рейтинги наравне с Гарвардом и Стэнфордом.
English as a second native language
Подписывайтесь на нас
🥳 Check these lovely moments of the First Year at Heritage School! A month left till the next school year and we hope you're enjoying your holidays. 😍 We are very lucky to have such a talented group of kids at our school. Each of you is a very important part of our School Community. ⭐ Waiting for the 1st of September!
😍 We are so proud of our Year 2 and Year 6 graduates! 🤩 Our kids managed to show their best this year! They passed all the exams with fantastic success and we are waiting for them the next year. ✌ We are sure that they will change our world in future! 🥰 Miss you so much!
🤓Bilinguals are native speakers of two languages. This means that they can alternately use them in everyday life, without mentally translating from one language to another. ✌️Bilingual people learn new languages ​​and socialize more easily. They have better communication skills and broader horizons, they flexibly adapt to new realities inherent in another culture. Bilingualism has a positive effect on the brain throughout life. 🤩It is possible to grow up a bilingual in a Russian-speaking family in Russia. For example, at Heritage School, due to the fact that babies spend most of the day in an English-speaking environment, they can grow into full-fledged natural bilinguals! ⭐️The bilingual kindergarten at Heritage School accepts children from the age of 2. Our youngest students begin to speak both languages ​​almost at the same time.
🏊‍♀️ Heritage Summer School provides full range of activities! ❤️ Today we went to swimming pool. Children learnt different techniques of swimming such as freestyle, backstroke, flutter kick, frog kick and etc. It was fantastic! Well done, kids!
First Heritage Summer School started its work today! 🤩 🏕With the Senior group we were learning how to survive in the wild, we’ve learnt how to make shelter with very few materials. Junior group learned how the flashlights 🔦 work and created our own flashlights and used them to see our pictures in the darkness 👀 🤩Then we had a teambuilding quest with a prize. 🐬Kids also learned more about different sea animals. 🐳We played a very fun memory game and sang adorable songs about animals in the sea. 🐙 We very much enjoyed playing hide and seek! 😊
🇬🇧 What could be more quintessentially British than afternoon tea? 💂‍♀️ Served in the early afternoon, this meal is the staple of high culture, and is observed by Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family daily. ☕ Thank you to our children in Year Three for this wonderful treat - handmade scones and cakes, prefect triangular sandwiches, and tea. You have turned our Pavilion into a little piece of Britain!
🎉 Last week, our students taught their international teachers the Russian language. 🇷🇺It was very funny and interesting for both students and teachers! 🪆This lesson was dedicated to the week of the Russian language at Heritage and to the memory of the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin.
🚌School trips are favourite part of Heritage Life! 🎉Yesterday our young students visited Moskvarium. 🐠They saw lots of sea creatures and species. 🦈 Kids passed a very interesting quest and learnt more about life under water!
🤩What a fantastic day we had last Saturday! Heritage School held its first End-of-Year Concert and it was unforgettable and really exciting!😍 🧑‍🎓The whole school united to celebrate the end of the year, to wish the best to our graduates and all the students. 🐒Kids and teachers prepared a very professional and unforgettable show "Aladdin Trouble" full of music and jokes. 🕌Each student had a role in the show and they all were so enthusiastic to show their talents to our guests! 🥳Well done, Heritage! You've reached for the stars and showed your best!
😍On the occasion of Children’s Day¸ may the child in us live forever and spread happiness around us. 🤩Warm wishes on Children’s Day.
🎊Yesterday – 27 May — Heritage School held a very interesting event for parents and students who are choosing a new school. Trial day in Secondary School is a very good option to learn more about our lessons and educational process. 🤩Children tried to lessons — Science and Maths — organized by our Head of School. It was exciting and we are waiting to see all of you in our classes next year!
🎉 Summer is almost here and what better way for the kids to spend their holiday, than with friends. If you are looking for an adventure holiday that guarantees smiles on faces? 🤩 Heritage School has you covered. We are providing a 2 week summer camp for our students to experience many activities they cannot normally do. 🏕 They will be learning survival skills, such as building a tent and growing their own food. Children will have opportunities to experience other cultures through cuisine, music and dance. There will be lots of sports they can compete in as well as outings to different areas of the city like Sokolniki park. 🎊 We look forward to seeing you this summer! Please, contact our Co-curriculum coordinator ms Anastasia to learn more about it!