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Ms Irina

Ms Irina

University Education
Bachelor's degree (pedagogical education with two directions: history and foreign language)
Ms Irina was born in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in a family of teachers. In 2015, she entered the university and devoted her life to teaching. Ms Irina did an internship at several schools in Tyumen, where she taught English to children aged 11-12. She has been teaching English for 5 years both in language centers and individually with students. She also worked as a counselor at the Olympic Child camp. "I like to be a guide to the world of knowledge for students."
«It is especially valuable that I can influence how students learn, grow and see the world around them. It gives me pleasure to watch the development of students when they manage to do something new.» Usually, Ms Irina spends her leisure time reading books, watching podcasts, or with her loved ones. Her favorite hobby is traveling with friends or family because she loves to discover new cities and places around the world. Ms Irina enjoys spending time in nature and capturing all the wonderful moments of beauty with her camera.