Co-curriculum activities are an integral part of the school program and used for educational and social development of students.

The purpose of co-curriculum activities is to enhance the vital life of school for all children through a range of activities including sports, music, arts and culture.

3 times a week there are Free Clubs, included in the educational fee, that are led by our Teachers. For example, Football, Yoga, Gymnastics, Boardgames, Art and Crafts, Music Clubs and etc. They all are run in English.

Every half a year, the list of Free Clubs updates and students are given the opportunity to change their Clubs. We also have Extra Paid Clubs, such as Tennis, Chess, Ceramics, Piano, Drama and etc.

They are led by external specialists on the school territory and start after the main educational program. They run mainly in Russian. If there is a request we can launch new clubs. Several times a year we run clubs concerts, internal and external tournaments and competitions, where students happily demonstrate their skills.