Our Advantage

Values-based education

We raise educational standards through the pursuit of ethics based on core values. Through our personal commitment to these values, we create an environment in which all can achieve their full potential. Our values are at the heart of school life, and they also extend to the world outside the school.

The skills children acquire in school help them to study better, improve their behavior and overall wellbeing.

School ethics are based on the core needs of children:

  • to feel loved
  • to feel safe and clearly understand what is expected of them
  • to understand that they are valued
  • to learn to form relationships with others
  • to develop self-awareness and learn about the world around
  • to be engaged in creativity, studying the external world and plunging into the inner
  • to be fully involved in the learning process

Growth Mindset

At Heritage International School, we focus on the Growth Mindset approach. We teach to consider obstacles as new opportunities and failures as rewarding experiences.

Academic success comes from the daily work and dedication of students, not natural genius. It helps students understand that success depends on their own efforts, and as for intelligence, it can be developed.

Understanding the material is more important than the opinion of classmates and the fear of getting bad at the lesson. Students value their work and the successes of their friends because it inspires them to new achievements.

Heritage School students are not afraid to ask questions when they do not understand something at the lesson. Teachers are happy to explain the material and help them.

The Growth Mindset approach creates a solid foundation for good learning. We show students that everyone has intellectual capacity. This brings us closer to the main goal of the Heritage School – raising healthy and successful young people.

Eco behavior

By talking about universal human values, we instill in children an awareness of environmental responsibility from an early age. We teach students that by doing simple things, they can already contribute to solving environmental problems, for example by saving paper or minimizing food waste.

The Cambridge Global Perspectives Curriculum helps to better assimilate this knowledge: in the classroom, children work on projects that affect our daily lives. In addition, the school collaborates with partners in the UK, such as the charity Eco-Schools, which is the largest education project in the field of sustainable development.

School Council

We actively encourage the students’ participation in the development of the school. Heritage School has a school board - a council of children who speak on behalf of their peers and meet regularly with teachers and school leaders. Students get the opportunity to express their opinion and make sure that Heritage listens to it. Members of the Council are elected by voting among the students.