Chairman's Welcome

ILDAR Nafikov, Founder and Chairman of the Board


“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn. That’s why it is so important for us to come together as a team to learn from each other and always get better at what we do.”

The story of Heritage Education Group began in 2014, when we decided to start something that we are passionate about, which is developing and educating young people.

I was personally inspired by the Educational Vision of Cambridge Assessment International Education, a body within the University of Cambridge and our established partner. Their vision helped me to understand what an excellent school is, and guided us to build CIS International School, a group of premium-quality schools. In just few years, we successfully launched new campuses in Saint-Petersburg, Gorki and Tashkent and provided strong operational management for each of the five schools within the Group, including Skolkovo and Moscow. The graduates of CIS International School are succeeding in the top-100 Universities around the world, and the bright alumni community keeps growing.

Our constant and unchanging goal of giving children the widest opportunities to be successful is relevant today more than ever, in the face of obstacles of all kinds arising in the modern world. That is the reason and the idea behind Heritage School: to offer the same quality of international education with a more tolerant tuition fee strategy, to make it more accessible for the wider community. We retain our proven strategy of offering two educational programmes and two diplomas for all students who want to master both the International and Russian curricula and stay flexible with university choices. We have a growth plan of opening campuses every year in different locations around the globe to enable thousands of children to be a part of our family. This intention is supported by the strong experience of our leadership teams, our educational excellence and a solid financial foundation.

Heritage Schools’ true ambition is to make a difference through education. We shall endeavour to make Heritage Schools the best in education – and to be recognised as the exemplar of the highest quality.

Families come to us for guidance and expertise because they want their children to be successful.

Our mission is to help students be their best self by sustaining an inspirational environment where children discover the world, make friends, care and stay active. These are the key components that we believe enable our students to stay inspired, happy, and to become successful. Everything we do at Heritage is driven by a strong desire to nurture young people so that they can achieve their true potential as global citizens. It is my privilege to lead the Board of Heritage Education Group, to share my passion, experience and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on children. I believe that my core responsibility is to support the Heritage School leadership and the team of teachers by building upon the success and by ensuring each and every student achieves their best and aspires to higher levels.

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