Pupil Representation

We have school leaders who listen to us and make changes when we speak about our concerns.

These are the words of one Heritage International School pupil, and this sums up how we listen to and respond to our pupils.

School Council

Our School Council is a body of pupils who speak on behalf of their peers and meet regularly with teachers and school leaders in order to voice their opinions and to make sure that we are listening to our most important consumers. Council members are democratically elected by their classmates and serve a term on the council.

Junior Leadership Team

The Heritage International School Junior Leadership Team (JLT) consists of up to twenty members and is open to pupils aged 9 and older. Advertisements are made in September for the vacancies available; pupils must apply in writing, and if their application is successful they are invited to interview with the Head of School and another member of the leadership team. If they are successful in their interview, they are appointed to a JLT post. This process is intended to provide pupils with valuable real-world experience in seeking and securing a professional role in an organisation.

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