Reception Teacher

After graduating from one of the most prestigious Universities in South Africa my life has always been connected with teaching.

I am a proud mother of two lovely sons.  One is a well balanced adult that is currently busy with his apprentice program in high voltage electricity, and my other son is a normal teenager that excell in sport and aspires to become a civil engineer.

Most of my teaching experience has been with adults and school children however I have been a volunteer teacher in South-Africa most of my adult life.  I especially liked the little ones and I am grateful to be finally teaching them full time.

Teaching to me means making a difference for kids.  I have the unique opportunity to touch their lives.  It means giving children a reason to want to come to school every day and having them leave just excited as when they arrived.  It means allowing them to pursue their passions, supporting them along the way and being there to celebrate each achievement with them.

My enormous love for children gives me a unique perspective on teaching at Heritage International School and I look forward to give as much as I receive.