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Ms Elena

Ms Elena

Speech Therapist
Qualifications: Moscow Open Social University : speech therapist, defectology expert
The Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology named after Karvasarskiy B.D.: psychologist
Ms. Elena has been working with preschoolers and primary school children for over 15 years. For a long time she was a member of the district committee responsible for staffing correctional and combined groups. She was a leading specialist in working with children with disabilities, the head of the “Equal Opportunities” project, where professional seminars and workshops were held for colleagues and parents.
She was involved in the development of individual correctional routes and the organization of special conditions in the educational environment for children with disabilities. As a speech therapist and defectologist, she worked in preschool educational institutions, including combined types, and carried out private practical work with children of preschool and primary school age. Ms. Elena works on strengthening of the articulatory apparatus, breathing, developing general speech activity, accumulating vocabulary, improving physical and speech hearing, correcting sound pronunciation, developing grammatical aspects and coherent speech, as well as preventing dysgraphia and dyslexia. All classes are organized in a play mode, using interesting exercises and neuropsychological techniques. A degree in psychology allows Ms. Elena to better interact with all participants of the educational process, especially with a child’s family.
Ms. Elena loves to study, to learn something new and interesting, in order to better provide qualified assistance. Traveling and spending time with family, friends and colleagues in nature gives her more inspiration for creative ideas.