Our Vision

To make a difference through education.

Our Mission

To educate the leaders of tomorrow, providing the knowledge, skills and values they need to make our world a better place.

Each element of the School’s mission is infused with meaning:

Leaders of Tomorrow

By leaders, we mean people around us who have certain types of skills: the knowledge and competence that comes from their learning and experience, and their ability to motivate others to learn, grow and act accordingly. It involves recognizing that you are a true leader only when you have earned the trust of others, and when others recognise you as such.

Leaders do not learn their place in the world — they make their place in the world.

Make a Difference

Making a difference is when people create real value for society, and who create value before claiming value. There are many ways of making a positive difference: as a student, as a teacher, as a parent, as an active citizen of your community. Indeed, what distinguishes Heritage School is that our students and staff members demonstrate, develop and disseminate leadership skills in all that we do.

Make our World a Better Place

We understand that our world is changing and has challenging issues which require a global perspective. To address these challenging problems the world needs more leaders with a global mindset.

That is why our first component of the mission is educating leaders, which we do in many ways — through our academic curriculum, values-based learning, and much more.

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