Открыт набор
на учебный год 2022-2023
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If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.


Кампус Сокольники
Кампус Сокольники
Кампус Ленинский
Кампус Ленинский
Кампус Тюмень
Кампус Тюмень
One school — Two diplomas

Как поступить в школу

Открыт набор в классы Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 — Year 9 для детей от 2 лет.

  1. Свяжитесь с нашим специалистом по приему учащихся, чтобы задать все интересующие вопросы и получить анкету на поступление.
  2. Заполните анкету Application Form.
  3. Приезжайте на индивидуальный тур по школе.
  4. Запишите ребенка на психологическое и академическое тестирование.
  5. Предоставьте документы, необходимые для зачисления.
  6. Заключите договор на образовательные услуги и произведите оплату обучения.
Поступление в Heritage School возможно в течение всего учебного года!
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English as a second native language
💛 The tradition of a House system is deeply embedded into the culture of the oldest and most successful schools in the world, and is the foundation of the teaching of leadership, collegiality and collaborative spirit - one might say a healthy level of competition! 💙 At Heritage International School, all House points eventually contribute to rewards which are shared by the whole House. This way, when a pupil earns a point, the whole House benefits, and the approval that the pupil feels from their peers as well as their teacher is an extremely powerful motivator. ❤️ On Friday, we do projects in Houses. On Friday, our House Captains faced the difficulty of organising their teams, choosing a strategy, and working with their House comrades to complete their projects to a higher standard than their competitor Houses. 💜 Our teachers are aligned to Houses, and they mentor their pupils and serve as role models and cheerleaders. Healthy competition leads to better results for everyone!
🏃‍♂️Our students look forward to their PE lessons, and they take these lessons seriously. All children have significantly more time in PE lessons than is typical in local schools. 🏓 Every lesson is special. Lessons are purposeful and skills-based. ☀️ Wherever possible, we make use of our outdoor facilities to enable a more active experience. 🤸 Our aim is for every pupil at Heritage International School to be at the peak of their physical fitness and capability; your children are in good hands. ⛹️‍♂️
😎 All Heritage teachers are expected to demonstrate effective use of digital technology to support teaching and learning. 💻 Digital technology is a vital component of Blended Learning which is one of Heritage Curriculum benefits. 🤩 We provide each student from Year 1 to Year 6 with personal Apple devices
🥳 Dear Heritage students! 🤩 Welcome back to school! We hope that you had fantastic vacations and that you are ready to achieve great academic and personal results! 😘 Good luck everyone!
🤩 Hello everyone! Santa and his elves here at Heritage International School are busy sending out the mid-year reports for our children! 🎄In the meantime, please allow us to wish you a happy Christmas. ❄ Our diverse community all has many different traditions which are observed at this time of year. 🎊 One thing which we all have in common though is that this is a time for family and for relaxation. 💫 We hope that you all have a wonderful break, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2022! 🎉
Our winter concerts have now been filmed and they are being processed by a professional post-production crew. 🤩 We are very thankful to all the kids who were so enthusiastic and excited during these days and to the whole school team for organising this lovely event! ✨ We are looking forward to seeing the final result and sharing with you our wonderful stories! 🥳
❄️ Even as the harsh winter sets in, our school is full of festive joy. ☃️ The Christmas Tree is the focal point for all our festivities, and we are delighted to see our Junior Leaders give our tree its decorations 🎄 From all the staff and pupils at Heritage International School, we wish you a joyous and happy Christmas!🤩
Teaching coding and programming starts with constructing simple programmes like this. Here, Ms Mandy is using the interactive display to model how to construct a programme which sends Mr Martin to his food! The workspace mirrors the interface of the programming environment 'Scratch' 🙂
🤩 Yesterday Heritage School was visited by famous @flyingbananatheatre 😍 Our youngest kids enjoyed a marvelous play Three Piglets. 🐷 They managed to fight the Bad-Bad wolf and were not afraid at all! Well done, kids, you were so brave and behaved perfectly! 🐺 Thanks to our partner — Flying Banana Theatre — you made our children so happy!
🥳 One of the weekly highlights at Heritage School is our Friday morning Assembly! This is a special time each week when all the children at Heritage come together in our Assembly Hall to share class learning, discuss the week and celebrate their successes! 👏 Assembly is a really important event in our weekly schedule; it gives children the opportunity to learn more about the values of our school, and develop a sense of belonging to our school community. 👍 By sharing their learning with the other classes, each child can grow in confidence and self-esteem. 🤩 The children all look forward to Assembly time every Friday - and of course, they are always excited to find out who has won our special certificate for the “Star of the Week”! ✨
🔢 This week we are having Maths and Technology Week. Each day we go through different fun and useful activities. 😎 Lego masterclasses are much adored by Heritage pupils. Lego club not only develops fine motor skills but fosters imagination and creativity. 🔥 It also makes them confident life-long learners by giving them unlimited possibilities for hands-on, playful STEAM learning.
Learning Chinese is one of our students' favourite activities at School. It is very interesting and fun! In Chinese lesson Year 3Т students have learnt how to say: my nose, my face, my mouth, my ears, my hair.😎 They have also played different games to practise and remember these words 🇨🇳
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